THIS holiday season prepare yourself with the hottest new all around “ugly” (cute) holiday sweater designed by an artist.
 Be the only one at the party who has it all. The holidays are filled with so much these days. From shopping to parties and all the visits from family and friends, a wide range of emotions can come flying in at all angles.
 THIS is where the all around Holiday sweater comes in handy.
 -For your shopping arm, there is a fully loaded Tommy to protect yourself from either paying too much or from buying stupid things. Even Santa makes way for Tommy in long shopping lines. (he’s hiding in the cuff.)
-Your left arm comes equipped with hallow healing and a pug. “Hallow Healing” is a painting that I made while healing from a rough life experience. This is to heal your soul after shopping. The warm fall colors remind your left hand to drink hot chocolate.
-The pattern in the middle was made from a photo of a sculpture called “Silence”. This is a sculpture about repression and not feeling free to speak. She’s wearing a Santa outfit made for my pet iguana at the time. She’s a nice holiday reminder to listen to those you love. She means well, but is still a little creepy. A lot of people go through creepy holiday scenarios similar to hers, so to balance this I have my “Bear hug” painting on the back. A closer look at the koala’s bed of moss reveals the shape of a continent. He’s hugging the whole world in his dreams. This is a statement in itself that you can use this to your benefit. The world’s got your back when you put the love in.
-And last but certainly not least...
Nothing could be better than a happy weeny on Christmas! Our dog, Football is in heaven dreaming of holiday bacon. He even has his own Instagram page!! (
What's more, it comes with a bow tie so that you are never under-dressed. The durable fabric with a cotton-feel face and soft brushed fleece inside means that this sweatshirt is bound to become your favorite for the holiday season, and perhaps beyond.

• Designer logo with "C. Black Design- Collectors Edition 2019" on the back
• 70% polyester, 27% cotton, 3% elastane
• Soft cotton-feel face
• Brushed fleece fabric inside
• Unisex style
• Overlock seams

1st Edition Collectors “ugly” holiday sweater by C. Black Design-2019

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$54.00Sale Price

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