Eve Oil Painting by Colleen Black



oil painting

Creation of Chaos

I have read so many inspiring interpretations of our beginnings. The story of Adam and Eve has so many different meanings between the lines. Love and loss, beginnings and ends. It's romantic, sweet, sour, and heartbreaking. The first taste of deception, the first lie is such an incredible concept. Imagine not knowing any evil. In the story of Eve this was the setting. No knowledge of evil. Just the act alone of being told NOT to taste the fruit from a certain tree and then doing it would be the onset of the world of sin. First, the feeling of guilt sets in, then shame. She wanted to hide the truth in hopes that it would disappear. It never does. The only way out is through the light of truth. In one deceptive moment having another dimension slammed down onto a world of such peace like the very first cloud of darkness. I wasn't there but I don't think it really mattered what kind of a tree it was. God always knows what we're in for, and this was the beginning of our journey. We had to know the other side of the coin to understand in full force the real depth of true love. It is all a part of growth. I don't think we would be such beautiful creatures without all that we go through. 
Eve is experiencing the shift into the next dimension in this painting. She travels through the ring of fire, experiencing for the first time the gates of hell. I hear a lot of blame shoved onto this mother of creation, but being an imperfect human myself, I would not be who I am without the hell I've gone through. For this I'm eternally grateful that I pulled an "Eve" and ate the fruit. Now I know why the light is... and I strive to shine with it, not against it. To know this outcome in the face of the fire breathing dragon is to experience the shift.

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