Eggsistence Oil Painting by Colleen Black



oil painting

One very early morning, I woke up and wrote until the sun came up. Then I painted till the sun went down...

It all started with a dream. One night, one awakening... one happy day all to lead to the place where the horizon meets its maker. Before the dream, there was existence and always the questions. What it all means will forever be in my heart as a never ending story. The start of the quest always was… the end never near. This is the place where butterflies mean that hurricanes will continue to baffle the weather, and tiny ripples are the cause of everything. Does anything really have a beginning or an end? There always has been something before the beginning and no tangible end to any rainbow. The only "peace" to fit the whole puzzle is in knowing the creator exists and that good will always prevail. After this, the next step is a blind one. The leap of faith. Inside the oceans churn and life does its part to try to prove that what is seen is all we have to believe in. The shell. The ego. Escape from the material world is only achieved through an acknowledgement of the soul. All else seems to add to the layers of the crust. An egg is the perfect comparison to drive this thought into a tangible means of explanation. And because nature was built to relate, interact and mimic itself, it all makes perfect sense. The liquid core, the white of the egg is the soul. The way light passes through is in itself amazing. It can be distorted, shaped, cut, displaced... but never really blocked. The shell gives this a good try, and if there is a food for the soul this would be the yolk. The inner light, feeding its host until it is healthy enough to break through. There can be those that decide to hide away from the truth... the light, strengthening their shell to block the pain of freedom. Love is hard to imagine in the material world of loss. True love only exists in the never ending path of light, the soul. There is a tidal wave of energy starting with that dream. It rolls across the earth in a silent thunder. It will scare those who don't see it for what it is… a clean sweep for the individual soul. In it may be a fear of death... in which the soul will drown. Only faith will allow it to carry them to the new place. Why does this sound like the end of the world? It was a dream, something I had little control over. I didn't try to have control, as with lucid dreams… So now where do we go with all of this? Most of science is proving the existence of a link between matter and spirituality, or soul. It’s the biggest secret and also the one that has drawn the most interest in all aspects of our lives. There is so much pointing us in this direction, and it is only a matter of time before we stop hushing the inevitable. Ride the wave, without fear, without pause. We’re only lights carriers. The shape of our souls and the food we feed them will determine the pathway that light takes. The less that we feed the shell, the more food the soul gets. Intentions must be clear, pure… otherwise one can end up hard boiled. Soon, the layers of the shell get weaker. What lies on the outside is the REAL beginning. Life outside the egg, outside the womb.

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